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AD TonnesenThe great trailblazers of American furniture design have left an enduring legacy on the craft. Sam Maloof designed rocking chairs that showcased the beauty of form and function. James Krenov "composed" cabinets that mastered the art of simplicity and detail. And George Nakashima utilized the "natural edge" of wood in a way that broke new ground in the world of furniture design. Lone Buffalo Studio honors and values these  great traditions in woodworking, but also seeks to embellish on them by introducing a modern twist on traditional materials and techniques.


AD Tonnesen is also trailblazing his own traditions in the present day. His use of epoxies, light transferring lucites, various metals and stones dazzles the senses. And his use of so-called 'flawed' wood (wood that has cracks, fissures, and uneven shapes) adds an extra layer of interest and variation not found in typical furniture.  The use of such materials allows AD a new freedom of expression which the earlier pioneers of furniture design could never have known. These innovations set Lone Buffalo creations apart from the herd of typical furniture. It is where one can come to find the lasting beauty of real wood and quality craftsmanship.


Never afraid to break new ground and discover new techniques in furniture design, AD Tonnesen pushes the boundaries of traditional furniture so that you can enjoy the timeless beauty of great design. Your furniture surrounds you every day. It can define your personality. It can shape your life. It can warm your heart and enliven your senses. Break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.



AD Tonnesen Prizes

Recognition and Awards

AD Tonnesen’s work has a signature style that has received accolades and awards in various woodworking shows. His awards include:  Best Western Spirit, Most Inventive Use of Materials and Best of Show.


He has been featured at the prestigious Western Design Conference as well as numerous juried furniture and art shows.