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Welcome to Lone Buffalo Studio


A well-designed, handcrafted piece of furniture or stained glass has universal appeal and never goes out of style. Such pieces are difficult to find in our increasingly mass-produced, machine-made world. We at Lone Buffalo Studio seek to reverse this trend and bring back the ideals of lasting beauty, form and function.

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Your Home

is the place where you have full control of your environment. 
A quality piece of real wood furniture or an original piece of art transforms any room into a warmer and more inviting space.


Lone Buffalo Studio

creates pieces of functional art that fit many home interior styles. 
These pieces ‘cooperate with’ or intensify an already established atmosphere or become the basis of inspiration for a new design project.
See comments of satisfied clients and supportive professionals in Reviews. Explore our woodworking and stained glass portfolios and available pieces or look into commissions where your piece will be tailored specifically for your home.

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