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What makes our furniture different?

We use slabs of wood not lumber.


A slab is created when a tree is sliced all the way through.  In doing so, the tree's natural edges are left, along with the bark.  This gives many woods, which grow straight, a lovely "live edge."  However, other woods, like mesquite, don't grow tall and straight, but rather curves and twists as it grows. Taking a slab cut of such woods, affords a much greater variety of dimension and shape. In such boards, the shape, not just the grain, becomes equally important. 


Now, at this point, many woodworkers would deem boards like this as "worthless" due to their limited size and unusual shape, but not us. Instead of cutting straight lines and gluing them together, we join such boards using novel and innovative techniques. Instead of hiding the joints and attempting to attain uniformity, we highlight them, along with the natural cracks and voids. This process creates a much more pleasing and natural feel. Large table tops and vast surfaces can be made from various assortments of smaller shapes and our joints actually strengthen the wood. One can even join different species of wood and various stones using this technique. Rivers of turquoise or gold, stones left in relief, wood of various characteristics all come together to create a depth of experience not seen in most furniture. The sky becomes the limit.

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